tutorial 2

This was the montage that I created in the week 2 tutorial. We had to choose from a about a dozen different images of buildings, meat, bathrooms, posters etc. I chose to create a warm, busy montage, the same kind of feeling that you get at local markets. I did this buy first choosing not to use any of the building shorts as they were cold and emotionless, not like the atmosphere I was looking for. So I used the images that had character, emotion and warmth to them, such as the yellow and black cartoon man/woman, and the lockers. I used the red and white lines to help create that sense of busyness as your eye is attracted around the page by them. Also the layering and interesecting of the images creates a busyness and depth.¬† Also the ‘Milvan & Kveta’s shop’ adds to the character as it is written in an unstandard text. The black lines at the top were there for two reasons one I simply just like the way they look, and it helps capture the montage, to help define it’s limits.


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