tutorial 3

This tutorial was about animating text to fit with audio. This was our first introducuction to after effects cs3.  I used several different fonts in this animation because i wanted to create a more sporatic video as I thought the audio was kind of aswell. I tried to make the fonts clear, and the size large enough to easily read as the man talking is talking really fast in some points and is quite hard to understand. So by having the text easy to see the audience can follow it easily.

The motion of the text is quite varied. The use of cameras, text coming from different directions, spining and size changes where used to make the animation be more hectic which fots with the varying text styles.  I’m not sure if this had any real emotional impact, but it did make the animation more inetersting to watch and therefore more enjoyable.  

 The text contributes to the dialogue as it is the key words and points that are being said within the monologue. The key words are shown because they are the most important and as I can only cover a limited amount of words due to the speed of the monollogue it makes sense to focus on the key words.   


Yes I have been too literal in my animation, I followed the narration too closely. Like I said how it was important to show the key words, I think it probably made it boring to watch. This is because both the senses of sight and sound are recieving the same message of eg “PANGERIC”. So in the future I think that I need to back off a bit and be more creative instead of just following the script of the monologue.

















As this was my first go with after effects I was quite unaware of how to properly use the the controls. I did not know that it was possible to preview the animation in real time, so I ended up with my text not moving at the speed that was intened to. This cause problems when the text moved too fast to see and was simply a blur or the screen or a quick flash. This really didn’t look good as the flow of the animation was stop start as some words would be on for two seconds while another would be up only for half a second.

So this didn’t turn out that good but I will strive to improve.




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