60’s montage.

I decide to do like a 60’s montage for the duck and cover. I used Jimi hendix has he was emensly prominate in the 60’s when he first came to fame. I have used an image of him playing at woodstock but the rest of the montage is filled with rainbows, flower, clouds all apart of the 60’s hippy druged out feelling. This style of colours and flowers and swirls are seen were seen every where in the 60’s such as their clothes. The block colours are seen comonly in andy warhol artworks, and he was a popular artist in that time period. I have the swirl originating from the quitar as if he is playing colours not a song. Relating to the haullications caused by drugs such as LSD. This montage is realy just letting your mind flow and drift off into imagination while watching a preformance.

 Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol







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