graffitii video

I planed to do a Johnny Cash graffitti. I chose to pick an image of a poster, public graffitii, and a guitar. These show different parts of the man. His commerial success of the poster, his fans (graffitii on wall) and his music (the guitar).

 Tower Records mural 4 by St. Murse Uploaded on 9/11/2008

 Cash by pollas uploaded 31/6/2006

 Acoustic Guitar uploaded 11/11/2006

I then went and altered the images by removing backgrounds and making the images black, as Johnny Cash was ‘the man in black’. These are what I ended up with:


This was how my video turned out:

This could have been better. I didn’t use any camera angles or technical effects. I like the compostition of young cash to the left, guitar, old cash. Because the guitar (music career) is the focus throughout his life becasue up untill his death he played music.

There was un unintentional black footage that followed tha animation, this was not inteneded.


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