Mad Mack’s video

This was the mad mack’s tutorial from week 6. We had to make a 20 sec ad selling a toaster, hairdryer and a blender.

The client wanted a crazy video, so thats what I was going to do. I started off by having the “m”,”a” and “d” spin onto the screen from different directions, then the “Mack’s’ word fly onto the screen.  I did this to add to the random crazy feel as the viewer does quite know what’s happening as he can just see letters moving around the screen. But when they settle and the “mack’s” appears it becomes clear that the rest of the ad is about Mad Mack’s products. The first product was the toaster and when that appeared I made a cartoony flash appearbehind it and squirl to make it crazier. The flashing of the words was done to make it random as the veiwer’s eye darts from place to place were the words appears. Also they different size and colours of fonts was done to make it crazier. Also the words flying from out of frame, into frame. then back out of frame was done to again make the ad more interesting to watch as that technique hadn’t been used earlier.

There was un unintentional purple footage that followed tha animation, this was not inteneded.


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