60’s Duck and Cover

October 12, 2008

For the duck and cover video I added the smily face in it that tracks the student as he leaves the class room. I also added the blue and purple colours in the bottom left as they are in the same style as my mood baord. I found it quit difficult to added a tracking image to this as it is a black and white video. Since it is black and white the computer makes mistakes when tracking a point dues to the neighbouring points being of similar shades. This then makes the tracking jumpy. I tried several different parts of the video such as the boy riding the bike, woman walking but both had this problem. But the student didn’t because his tie is black and surrounded by a white shirt.



60’s montage.

October 12, 2008

I decide to do like a 60’s montage for the duck and cover. I used Jimi hendix has he was emensly prominate in the 60’s when he first came to fame. I have used an image of him playing at woodstock but the rest of the montage is filled with rainbows, flower, clouds all apart of the 60’s hippy druged out feelling. This style of colours and flowers and swirls are seen were seen every where in the 60’s such as their clothes. The block colours are seen comonly in andy warhol artworks, and he was a popular artist in that time period. I have the swirl originating from the quitar as if he is playing colours not a song. Relating to the haullications caused by drugs such as LSD. This montage is realy just letting your mind flow and drift off into imagination while watching a preformance.

 Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol






graffitii video

October 12, 2008

I planed to do a Johnny Cash graffitti. I chose to pick an image of a poster, public graffitii, and a guitar. These show different parts of the man. His commerial success of the poster, his fans (graffitii on wall) and his music (the guitar).

 Tower Records mural 4 by St. Murse Uploaded on 9/11/2008

 Cash by pollas uploaded 31/6/2006

 Acoustic Guitar uploaded 11/11/2006

I then went and altered the images by removing backgrounds and making the images black, as Johnny Cash was ‘the man in black’. These are what I ended up with:


This was how my video turned out:


This could have been better. I didn’t use any camera angles or technical effects. I like the compostition of young cash to the left, guitar, old cash. Because the guitar (music career) is the focus throughout his life becasue up untill his death he played music.

There was un unintentional black footage that followed tha animation, this was not inteneded.


October 12, 2008

This was from week 9’s tutorial. I firstly found this picture to manipulate. I chose this picture as the man’s face covers most of the image, also the way the light creates shadows on his face should make some interesting outcomes when I apply the effects. Also it’s a funny picture.


This was my finished image. I think it turned out pretty good. I liked how the background is mostly black while the features on his face are white. I chose to arrange the black and white image this way as white stands out more on black, than black does on white. And I want to draw focus to the man’s face. Plus the white is closer to the man’s original complextion.

Mad Mack’s video

October 12, 2008

This was the mad mack’s tutorial from week 6. We had to make a 20 sec ad selling a toaster, hairdryer and a blender.

The client wanted a crazy video, so thats what I was going to do. I started off by having the “m”,”a” and “d” spin onto the screen from different directions, then the “Mack’s’ word fly onto the screen.  I did this to add to the random crazy feel as the viewer does quite know what’s happening as he can just see letters moving around the screen. But when they settle and the “mack’s” appears it becomes clear that the rest of the ad is about Mad Mack’s products. The first product was the toaster and when that appeared I made a cartoony flash appearbehind it and squirl to make it crazier. The flashing of the words was done to make it random as the veiwer’s eye darts from place to place were the words appears. Also they different size and colours of fonts was done to make it crazier. Also the words flying from out of frame, into frame. then back out of frame was done to again make the ad more interesting to watch as that technique hadn’t been used earlier.


There was un unintentional purple footage that followed tha animation, this was not inteneded.

mad mack’s tutorial

October 12, 2008

Firstly I broke the Mad Mack’s logo up into sections to allow for manipultion.

I then begun to make a flash to appear behind the products.

This was my first idea but I thought it should be less symetrical to make it more crazy.

I then came to this but thought that the colours would probably blend too much into the purple background.

So i then came up with this as the warm colours will pop out more against the cool background. I also added a white boarder to fit in with the white border with the Mad Mack’s Logo.


October 12, 2008

Now that I finsihed my animation it’s time to relfect.

The motion of the animation contributes to my identity as it is a has very slow movements and slow transistions. This slow pass was done to fit with the metaphor of my identity as the seasons, as the seasons change slowly. And generally my identity changes slowly as well, you know I might start to hangout with different people, start listening to a band then in a few weeks be obsessed with that genre of music.

The compostion contributes to my identity because as it trees and nature have been apart of my life. I have grown up and live in the Redlands which is full of trees, plants and the rest of nature. Just like people who live on the beach, or the city, your enviroment effects your identity. Also I ususaly make it to the botanical gardens on thursdays to checkout the plants and relax in my break between classes.  Also there was the whole metaphor of my identity changing like the seasons which I said in an earlier post.

I decided to treat this animation like an art peice that I would do at school, where I would not worry about target audiences and just express what I wanted about myself, they way that I wanted.  So it is up to people to watch and either hate it or like it, I really wasn’t concerned either way I was just expressing myself.

I wasn’t trying to include anyone as it was fairly abstract and personal. Also I suppose by making it artsy and possibly too abstract it became unrelatable to the audience and isolated them. But there was no indended audience so it’s not that big of a deal if it’s not overly relatable.

The tagline at the end “A Change of Seasons” could have had more thought into it but it does fit with the theme of nature and changing identity.

I think the compostion and movement of the animation is fairly good, certainly not complicated but I like that slow feel it gives. I like how the black contasted with the orange in the first shot, and that would be my favorite part. Some of the flowers and leaves could have had a little less detail in them. But I think that the composition and movement tell the story of changing seasons, but maybe if I put the tagline at the start it would make it clearer. But by not making it crystal clear that the animation is about the seasons it is more fun to watch as the viewer doesn’t know exactly what is going to happen next. Becasue if they did know that it was about seasons then it would be predictable, as everyone knows the seasons go summer, autumn, winter, spring. But back to the compostion. If you see a tree full of leaves, leaves falling to the ground, the cold emptyness of winter  and then spring with the flowers coming up from the ground; most people should beable to figure it. I ended with that mysterious effect as to try and say that the next part of my life, my next identity is a mystery.



Temporal Identity animation

October 12, 2008

This is my finished animation. I had to upload all my video’s to youtube as I am unable to do so on this website.


Spring background

October 12, 2008

For the spring backgroound I have just altered the colours of the winter backgound to green. This was becasue  I like how well the winter background worked and it makes the transistion more seemless.

Winter Images

October 12, 2008

Out of these picture I have chosen the top right one. This was becasue it is a middle ground between the top left and the bottom right. This is becasue it has the rippley, veinyness of the top left, but has the variety in the shades of blue of the bottom left. So it makes it the most interesting.

I put this image through some photoshop effects to see what it looks like.

The last image is what I ended up with. This last image has the most richest of the blue colours. Also it is a little bit cloud like and therefore fits in with the cloud background and the smokey end background. It is cloudlike as there are parts of the water that are faint and just fade out.