October 31, 2008


Hairylarry (2/4/2008) Jester’s Delight 


Michael Morel (18/6/2007) the beastie boys – sonar day

Michael Morel (18/6/2007) the beastie boys – sonar gala

Michael Morel (18/6/2007) the beastie boys – MCA

peregrinedog (5/3/2007) smurrff


after effects techniques

October 31, 2008

I tried to employ several techniques in my work.

I converted the 70’s advertisment into a 3d layer so i could give it some perspective. Used keyframes for masking of the purple hypnosis and the yellow graffiti. I used colour correction and exposure to change the effect of the video of the street, as well as the images. The colour key tool was done to remove the background of the jester man so the video of the street was behind him. I keyframed the audio to allow for a fade out effect aswell.

Plus before importing the images of the beastie boys into after effect I altered them in photoshop using the wand tool to take out some details to make them look edgyer.


October 31, 2008

My animation fit in with the style of beastie boys other film clips.


The theme of the animation was loosly based around the 1970’s. “Intergalatic” revolves around a space theme for example. So themes are important part of beastie boy clips.


The colours i have used fit in with beastie boys film clips. The over exposed effect which is seen in the video of the street background, drummer, jester of my animation. This effect is seen in most beastie boy film clips such as “sure shot”. The way I have altered the colours in the street footage is similar to how the colours are altered in the “pass the mic” video clip. The colours also show high contrast with the black, a theme present in several video clips and album covers.


The use of the the image of a man dressed as a smurf, and an advertisement from the 1970’s was done because thats what the beastie boys do in their video. Most of their video clips feature unrelated images of people, aswell as pictures of old or retro images. The image of the smurf was chosen to fit with the fun feel as it is not an expected image and humorous as a adult male is dressed as a random cartoon character. The graffiti was included because it looks dynamic and interesting. The beastie boys all wearing suits was to try and fit with the idea of them all wearing matching clothes which they do in almost ever vidoe clip.


The video of the man playing the guitar with a jester hat was included as it adds to the humour. This is similar to the magician seen in “ch-check it out”. Also he was a part of the 60’s/70’s and appears like he might still be living it with his tye dye shirt and colourful hat. The video of the streets of a city was chosen because of the typically beastie boys video clip being located in an urban enviroment. So the use of video footage was included to fit with the theme.


The starting purple hypnosis is quite slow. This is not consisten with other bb film clips, which is ok as in bb flim clips there is always some new element to them that has not been seen before. This is important as it keeps the viewer’s attention as they expect something different. The quick cut from video footage to overlayed images was done to give the animation some exictment and pass, which bb clips have. The way the yellow graffitii morphes across the screen was done to fit twith the idea of the purple hypnosis image at the start. The man stops playing just before it ends because thats when the music stops.


Son of Neckbone animation

October 31, 2008


October 31, 2008


Purple/blue circle morphes an covers the entire frame.


Beastie boys flashes up. Purple goes to black, ‘in’ and ‘son of neckbone’ flash up in sync with the music.


Cartoon monsters flash up with each beat. Over exposed yellow drummer flashes up in sync with music.


Video of old man in jester clothes playing guitar. Then Image of smurf, over exposed person. Then back to old man with rough colourful backgound footage of driving through city streets.


Colourful graffitii morphes accross frame. Beastie boys each come onto screen.


Motion of the man filled with a gritty red and black. Bnad members names comes up and the man stops playing the guitar.

beastie boys mood clip

October 31, 2008

1. Graffitti Wall, Mother Fools,  Uploaded on September 16, 2007
by Lost Albatross,

This image of the colourful graffiti was used because of

2. CBD Fish-eye, Uploaded on October 29, 2006
by Balaji Dutt

3. More Maya, Uploaded on July 20, 2008
by Dave_N1

4. The black and white “shazaam” was used to show the impact sort of text seen with the beastie boys. This is seen in the album covers “Check Your Head”. Aswell as several others.

5. The scratchy rainbow was used because of the beastie boys typiclally using over exposed video footage in their film clips. Such as “sure shot”.

6. The gaffitii man in the bottom right corner was used because of the beastie boys film clips almost allways are set in an urban enviroment out on the streets, where graffitii is seen in on the buildings. Example:

7. The star in the top corner was used to show the high contrast and block colours seen in their almbums and film clips. Such as:

8. The fish eye lens was incorporated because the majority of beastie boys clips have fish eye lens.

Beastie Boys

October 26, 2008

I have decided to do the beastie boys for the fianl animation

I started to look at their previous video clips here are some of my notes:


Video clip beastie boys wearing different costumes  

Following a camera sing directly into it all at once 

Fish eye lens 

Humorous light hearted feel 

Some sort of story to it most time 

Incorporates other video footage  

Usually set in urban environment 

Gratitude film clip doesn’t have close up rapping, uses over laying of video clips in boxes 

Rough edgy feel


So what I gathered from this is I need to use actual video footage to fit with previous music clips. So I will gather video clips from a creative commons video sharing site

Final Assignment song

October 12, 2008

For my final assignment I will most likely make a music video for TNT – ACDC as it is the only song I am familiar with, and I like it. Since I will have to hear the song alot while editing it it would help that I like it so it doesn’t start annoying me.

computer tracking

October 12, 2008

This was what i did for the computer tracking exercise. It works mostly fine, but not perfect and could be improved but I now know how to use the motion tracking tool in after effects.

colour correction

October 12, 2008

I colour corrected the other Duck and Cover video. I increased the amount of shadows to give it a darker and eviller feel. This was because the video shows grotesque images such as cut off limbs. I made the video have a more sepia feel as it gives it a more old and dated feel. I wanted this because the audio sounds very old and dated as the quality isn’t up to modern standards as there is crackling, and the way the man speaks sounds like an old information video from the 50’s. So by doing this the audio and video match up a bit better than before. Even though the audio and video very slightly disjointed it still worked, as it was only slightly disjointed. I also liked the stle he used and the elements such as that intro part sets the feel for the movie, he keeps it interesting by using motion in his work and then the uses of rays at the end was interesting.